Golf Swing Tips – The Most Vital Tip to Strengthen Your Golf Swing Technique

Practically every weekend golfer actively seeks Golf Swing Aids to discover and try the holy grail from the perfect golf swing. Unfortunately, like lots of King Arthur’s knights, they never think it is. Why not? Faith or effort, is it simply because they lack the talent? Could there be some missing ingredient which causes the golf swing tips they discover how to fail for the kids?

First, among all, many golfers just do not possess enough practise. Golf, like karate as well as other sport, requires practise. Unlike, say karate, that you only need to practice your kicks and punches on a flat surface, golf might be a lot more complicated. Golf is even closer warfare – you have to practice the way you use 14 different golf clubs on a range of different surfaces and terrain. What number of us actually are able to practice all 14 in our golf clubs? At best, most of us only train with two golf clubs – the operator and the putter. What about the two fairway woods? As well as the irons and wedges? What number of strokes do you lose in the sand trap or bunker given that you were not familiar enough using your wedges? Is the skill with the irons sufficiently good to allow you to get from the roughs efficiently?

So, it makes no difference the number of golf swing tips you had been able to find. In case you did not get enough training with all 14 of your respective golf clubs, 1 tip has the same effect as 10 tips — absolutely zero. Look at the demonstration of Vijay Singh. Many golf analysts and experts have various nit-picks about his golf swing mechanics. Many of them tend not to like his posture. Some dislike his backswing. Others think he has excessive followthrough. But he ignores them. All he does is swing his club on the ball all day long. Even during tournaments, he or she is reported to rehearse his swings 3 to 6 hours everyday. All this training makes sense for him – he is a consistent tournament winner, earning six to seven figures every year in prizes.

Secondly, a lot of people depend on getting a silver bullet. As an alternative to practicing their swings as well as other shots, they waste their time examining the latest new-fangled golf-club within the catalog or golf shop. As if receiving the latest and greatest driver or hybrid club will increase their golf swing without the practise. They forget that every time they change their club they will need to re-study the golf swing mechanics of the club. This is especially damaging to some golfers who buy new golf clubs like their wives buy new shoes.

Thirdly, many golfers usually do not fully understand their golf swing techniques. They consider the golf swing tip for just one technique so you can put it on to a new golf swing technique, with disastrous results for their golf swing. At the most basic level, the two main different types of swing – the “one plane swing” plus the “two plane swing”. Whenever you read some advice, are you aware of what sort of swing that tip is meant for? Many golfers face serious problems after they apply the tip to the “one plane swing” with their “two plane swing” or vice versa. For the information, Vijay Singh uses the “one plane swing” while Greg Norman uses the “two plane swing”.

Despite the proliferation of golf swing tips and free golf lessons online, you just really need one tip to further improve your golf swing technique – just hit the ball more regularly. That is definitely all. Just hit the golf ball ten times more everyday and you will then see your handicap improving (Unless you already hit the ball 1000 times everyday).

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